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Empowered by Natural Stone

Natural stone is an organic substantial formation of different minerals. It was brought the existence thousands of years ago when the Earth was just a stack of gases. While these minerals began to cool and reduce their temperatures, they compressed and hardened to form the world as we know it today. During this timeline, natural stone was formed. The types of stones altered based on what type of minerals were combined in them. This was a slow process that resulted over millions of years. As the Earth began to come together, many of these joints of the stone were deliberately pushed to the surface by heat and pressure, creating the large formations of natural stone and its products.

As StonesTR, we have been in the natural stone industry since 1999. We always are thirsty for knowledge and learning something new. This passion is the reason we have gone through this far. We are an external trade company that is concentrating on natural stone, marble, travertine, limestone, etc. currently. Empowered by natural stone. We are saying ‘currently’ because we are planning to not stop there and go ahead. However, we know that we have a long path ahead of us and a vision that is always ready for improvement. You will know more about us when you meet with us, from the starting point of your projects to the products reaching your hands.

Marble is a seductive choice with an elegant charm that has the potential to fit needs throughout your place. When thinking about what type of materials to use for your home, garden or office, pay sufficient attention to the reachability, reliability, and functionality of marble.

Travertine has a long and full history in the structural and architectural sectors. And, its first mention of discovery goes back to 75 BC during the time of Julius Caesar. Many famous structures, such as the Colosseum, were built from travertine – strong proof of travertine’s long-lasting abilities.

Limestone is observable by the existence of fossils and is available in a diversity of neutral colors. This color pallet is made from cream, beige, green, and gold to grey, blue, and black. This natural stone the most commonly coming from the Mediterranean region in France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt.